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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

we've moved

Today, I've changed the domain name for this blog to a new one. However I did cloned the blog on the old domain so that previous reader won't lost contact with my blog. Any future updates will be on the new domain. Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

photographer's fate

does anyone want to create a robotic photographer?
and with some creativity

Monday, December 7, 2009

Imitating laugh

Have you come across a situation where people using words to imitate laughing when commenting on others post whether in blogs, social networks etc? Make it worst, the subject is heavy and serious.

I admit that communicating on the web doesn't give the exact facial expression as we used to get while communicating in real world.

What I'm thinking is, those who use words to imitate laughing seems to take others' problem lightly.

Again this is because of the lack of face to face interaction when using online media. Maybe they didn't really feels like laughing at all. Who knows. But better if we can try not to 'laugh' while commenting on a serious topics.

I hope that each of us can please think first if we want to type 'haha' etc depends on the situation. If the person we're 'laughing' at doesn't take it seriously, it's OK. But what if he/she take it seriously? and make it worst we didn't even know it.

The way we died reflected from the way we live

While I was reading a news about a car crashing into a shopping mall in Kelantan and killed 2 people and injuring 2 people, I somehow got an uneasy feelings. Probably because the way they died. From my previous reading until this recent age, I have a mind set that the way someone died is reflected from the way they live their life. And after some reading this morning, I came to a conclusion that 'the way someone died' should be when they're at their last breath and not how we see it on news because the real story might be different.

People might thought wrongly about the dead person from the way they died, but we should try not to speculate unless we really ask someone that close to the dead person. To think positively is the best way.

The moral of the story is be a good person while we still breathing the air and living the life Allah created for us.

This two article might conclude a better story on my opinion:
Balasan dosa ditangguh uji ketebalan iman
Bagaimana cara kita mati, ditentukan bagaimana cara kita hidup MUST READ!!!

and this is the best coverage on the incident of a car crashing/falling from the rooftop parking into the mall in Kelantan: KBMall dirempuh kereta

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My other photoblog

I just created another photoblog at Wordpress. Using the free template in Wordpress itself, monotone. Before this I got one at carbonmade which is actually a portfolio. A photoblog is easier to update while the portfolio needs a through selection of my photos. Have a look at my photoblog at

Neue Helvetica Arabic

This is awesome. Some years before, I was already in love with this type of typography for arabic. I'm not sure what the name of the type. It's a khat that used for many years before digital era where this new arabic typography was born. This is something new to me as I only knew that there's no new Arabic typography until I found this.
Nadine Chahine is a type designer for Linotype GmbH, where she is also Branding & CI Manager, and Arabic Specialist. She designed Frutiger Arabic with Adrian Frutiger and Palatino Arabic with Hermann Zapf, for which she won the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the TDC. Today I’m excited to announce that Nadine’s Neue Helvetica Arabic has just this minute been released.

For full reports, follow this link

life is risk - a video by

life = risk

So guys, don't afraid to fail, but in the same try your best.
(a reminder to myself too)

i think i see the light

Yusuf Islam, or better known as Cat Stevens has always released a song that's full of meaning. Including this one. It depends on how each of us understand it and also depends on how we have lived our life.

Here's the lyrics of the song:
I used to trust nobody, trusting even less their words.
Until I found somebody, there was no one I preferred.
My heart was made of stone, my eyes saw only misty gray.
Until you came into my life, I saw everyone that way.
Until I found the one I needed at my side.
I think I would have been a blind man all my life.

I think I see the light
I think I see the light
I think I see the light

I used to walk alone, every step seemed the same.
This world was not my home, so there was nothing much to gain.
Look up and see the clouds, look down and see the cold floor.
Until you came into my life, I saw nothing, nothing more.
Until I found the one I needed at my side,
I think I would have been a blind man all my life.

I think I see the light
I think I see the light
(shine, shine, shine)
I think I see the light
(shine, shine, shine)

I think I see the light
I think I see the light
So shine, shine, shine
shine, shine, shine
shine, shine, shine

I think I see the light coming to me,
Coming through me giving me a second sight.

So shine, shine, shine,
shine, shine, shine,
shine, shine, shine,
shine, shine, shine.

I think I see the light
(shine, shine, shine)
I think I see the light
(shine, shine, shine)
I think I see the light
(shine, shine, shine)

I think I see the light

I think I see the light © Ya Music

Saturday, December 5, 2009


some people claim they're expert based on years of experience,
but it doesn't mean they're good.
at least have a look at their works.
is on par with their experience?
just my humble opinion. peace~

Friday, November 20, 2009

Comic of the day 20 Nov

life would always wonderful if we can paint whatever we want.. 
hurmm.. this is a child's dream